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- Introduction of who I am

- Goals of the webinar

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- How to fix your website

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- Intro to marketing lingo

- Tools for searching Keywords

- Sharing a practical example

Warm Welcome to all artists & art professionals who decided to improve their website on professional level,

This webinar was designed those who are ready to help themselves but who might feel overwhelmed or lost in SEO Marketing.  It is a very broad area and in order to keep my help efficient I have focused my attention on only one segment, Keyword search.

At first you will try free tools but soon or later you will find out that you have to use paid tools, even if it is just for a short while. In order to get most of the paid tool, it is crucial to have at least basic knowledge of SEO related terminology.


Feel free to download pdf version of the webinar.

As a follow up of this webinar I have prepared a Crash Course Seo Marketing For Artists which prepares a groundwork for you to gain more relevant traffic to your website.

" Thank you for the hints how to improve my website :) " from Myriam Thyes

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