How to improve your visibility in the online world?

Like many others I was stuck at home during the outburst of the pandemic and I wanted to spend my time in a productive way. So, I have enrolled on Online Marketing Course. One of the modules was called SEO Marketing. At the beginning I didn´t know what SEO Marketing is but gradually I explored the beauty and the usefulness for today´s artists.

Why do I think that SEO Marketing is useful for artists and art professionals?

​​Having my art platform for about a year now I have been approached by countless artists and starting collaborations on various projects, I have realized that too many of the artists are lacking a decent online  visibility. The world has changed and the artists cannot expect that some art collector, curator or any other art professionals will make them visible to the world. Sometimes it seems to me that they have forgotten that this is not the late 18th Century when the artists happily worked in their studios and art dealers did the marketing for them. 

From my point of view, today it is a responsibility of individual artists to make the world know about them and building a website is not enough anymore. The positive side of such challenge is that today you can do a lot  by yourself and  there is a very little need to have the right friends on the right places. At least for the beginning. Based on my experience it is much easier to collaborate with artists who already has some online presence because if I share my post about our collaboration on an art project and later on they share the post within their art network then the visibility for both of us is much better.

Recently I have come across several auction platforms with brilliant background and articles about Modern & Contemporary artists offering young and mid career artists services of selling their artworks online.I love the idea but what it is good for if such auction plaforms are visited only by 60 visitors per month?

Some people might think that it is too complicated to enhance your visibility but contrary is the truth. It is not that complicated. People need just the right kind of instructions, guidance and helpful tips, preferable from a person who has undergone the similar way. The downside of the selfhelp is that it requires endurance but even that can be overcome with the right approach.

People usually have a website with some content either blogs, pictures or essays but what they are lacking is to effectively show them off. They are not aware of what can make the title of their articles attractive to Google, so it comes out on Google search. They do not know where to put the title of their blog posts efficiently and I don´t mean a physical location of the top left corner or bottom of the page. People have no idea that they are keywords or keywords phrases relevant to every field of human interaction. People do not know how to work with pictures on their website because Google cannot see the pictures themselves but Google has to translate them into a code.


Luckily, I have learned all this during the quarantine, so now I can create analysis and recommendations for optimization of websites. The first trial was actually my very good friend who has a small business in organic farm food. She found it very useful and enlightening because she did not have to spend hours and hours searching for information on how to do it. Then with my guidance over the Zoom now she knows what to do and how to do it and she doesn´t need me anymore which makes me happy because I prefer to empower people rather than make them dependable on me.

After my successful trial I have decided to focus my attention to a field that matters to me which is the art industry. I have nothing against organic farming as I buy such produce and at the same time I prefer to help artists and art professionals within the art field.


So, I have prepared a package called SEO Help With Your Stunning Website.

The package includes a pdf file and 45mins Zoom call

The pdf file has:

  • SEO analysis of your website

  • identification of your 4 strongest competitors

  • how to do the optimization

  • 2 keywords or keywords phrases you would like to rank for on Google search

  • suggestions which particular websites need optimization

  • 25 relevant keywords or keywords phrases

Price 400 EUR

The delivery date of the pdf is 7 working days after the payment.

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