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Socialising In The Art World

5 Ways to expand your network in the art industry

Are you new in Berlin?

I moved to Berlin more than 5 years ago. Being the new kid in town, I looked forward to the challenge of settling down in the new city.

At the same time I had to come up with a way how to start creating a circle of relevant contacts to gain insight into the art scene in Berlin.

Socialising In The Art World
Photo by Bree Bigelow on Unsplash

Some people might feel lost or helpless by the lack of relevant contacts but for me it was a thrill. I would like to share my experience of how I dealt with the thrown down glove in a ring.

Firstly, let me list several networking strategies and then I give you examples of how I have used them.

1) Reach out like an art expert with confidence

2) Collaborative art projects

3) Accept invitation & Art tips

4) Organise art event such art talks by artists

5) Conduct interviews with the art experts for a gallery magazine

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Before the pandemic I remember having tea & biscuits with at least one artist per week, attending one or two art talks by artists every week and going to 2 or 3 openings or finissages per week.

All that was possible because I was not afraid of sending an email asking for a studio visit or just having friendly chat in nearby coffee shop, when they used to be opened.

It is an excellent opportunity how you can collect catalogues from the artists, so you can have a great resource of artists for your upcoming projects.

While having those little chats in cafés it is always a good idea to have something visual that demonstrates what you actually do. Today, it is highly unlikely that you would have a printed catalog of your works but having a solid presence on social media is crucial.

Don´t be shy and own your online presence as an artist!

👉 Learn more about strategies on how to make yourself visible

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