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Blog post from the series of Socialising In The Art World

At the beginning of 2020 I replied to an open call published by Blue Bee Gallery Magazine.

The magazine does not only bring views from various experts in the art industry about their experiences in the art world but also it gives a space for raising artists across the media who have different artistic approaches and expressions.

My first published interview was with Berlin-based artist Fabrizio Poltronieri who I met in Somos at Scope Sessions.

artist Fabrizio Poltronieri, Daffodile Issue, Blue Bee Gallery Magazine
artist Fabrizio Poltronieri, Daffodile Issue, Blue Bee Gallery Magazine

Fabrizio who is an artist/curator/lecturer generating his revenue from teaching at university in London and art commissions. Fabrizio caught my eye because of his paintings which are actually made by AI.

I liked his statement that even so, the painting is created by AI, it is him as a human who has to make the first step, because AI does not have the need to express itself in spite of doing most of the work.

In the interview for the online magazine Fabrizio stressed how important it is for an emerging artist to develop a solid portfolio of artworks.

The second one is with Anna Franek who runs Gallery Anna25 in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Currently, Anna does lot of online events such Zoom openings, private Zoom tours of her gallery, interview with her artists or artists studio visit which can be found on Youtube channel.

Anna has opened her gallery 9 years ago and nurtured a traditional gallerist/artist relationship. Anna has her base of collectors who purchase artworks from her selection of artists. Anna also sells exlusive prints available only to her newsletter subscribers.

The artists have regular art shows in her gallery and once in a while, they are guest artists.

Occasionally her FB account gets locked out for inappropriate content because Anna is truly dedicated to artists who are not afraid of challenging stereotypes and social conventions.

Pham Thai Ho - Körper und Glied, Gallery Anna25
Pham Thai Ho - Körper und Glied, Gallery Anna25

The third interview was with Paulus from SomoS Art House which is an art organisation committed to the alternative art scene in Berlin. Somos provides a well-known artist in residency programme. Back in the day, there used to be up to 8 international artists in residency and each of them got their own studio space & intern to assist them with their art project.

Based on nearly 15 years of experience Paulus reflects upon a recent shift from the international artists to cater more needs of the local Berlin & Kreuzberg based artists. To support the local artists but still keeping in a touch with the international scene, SomoS has developed Virtual Artist Residency.

photo courtesy of SomoS, 2016
Paulus Fugers, Amaryllis Issue, Blue Bee Gallery Magazine

Apart from the interviews, I have managed to write 2 art reviews about Dutch artist based in Berlin and London Diana Wolzak from BBA Gallery and Tamara K from Kornfeld Gallery which I discovered during my gallery art walk in Berlin Art Week.

As you can see by approaching the local experts & businesses in your industry you will help you to develop a network of relevant contacts and it will help you to keep an eye on what is going on in your niche.

Once you have a series of articles published in several art magazines then you can spin them within your own social media accounts.

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