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Art Talk by Artist Robbie Kaye

In December 2020 I published an open call for Art Talks by Artists and Robbie took full advantage of the opportunity. I cannot possibly reflect on a whole Robbie´s career as an artist, but I would like to talk about two projects that have particularly resonated with me.

The first project is Beauty and Wisdom where Kaye interviewed a number of women in their ´70s asking them how they feel about the culture that is so heavily focused on the beauty of youth.

The second photo project is Cracked: Reflection of Imperfection which provides a peek into the artist´s personal life. The reason I was captured by these two projects is their insights into female identity.

To me, the photo project Beauty and Wisdom has not only been linked to a concept of beauty but it has also gone a step further because in your 70´s you already know who you are.

Due to the young age, you don't have that many strong stories and experiences to share, so your face is untouched and unscarred with the experience of life but as life goes on, people get more and more to tell and not necessarily in words but mainly via their skin and eyes.

It is heartbreaking to watch how today's society so strongly encourages a perfectly stretched face full of Botox fillings and countless minor surgeries that prevent you from smiling or throwing your face. It is like society wants you to hide the truth behind your life. Of course little adjustments to your skin around your eyes or similar are perfectly acceptable but why has it become standard to undergo heavy face-lifting in your 40 - 50s to look like a 20-year-old? Why do we have to deny or hide what we have been through? Why cannot we tell the truth and handle reality as it is?

The second project Cracked: Reflection of Imperfection again explores identity and serves as an autobiographical portrait series. In the beginning, we all hate our imperfections and we simply want to be perfect like our reflection in a mirror but as time passes we realize that these imperfections make us unique.It takes us years to embrace our imperfections and uniqueness.

To sum it up I am very pleased that Robbie took the opportunity of the open call and shared with us her art practice because it truly helps my investigation of female identity.

I hope that you will enjoy the art talk as much as I did and I would like to thank Robbie Kaye for taking part in my project Art Talks by Artists. Feel free to log in and watch the art talk.

In case you would like to have something tangible in your hands Robbie has also published a book called Las Cruces: Intersections.

Enjoy the art talk feel free to sign up for my newsletter.

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