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Blog post from the series of Socialising In The Art World

After taking part in the events of others, I wanted to organize my own art event.

My own network was growing and I have heard countless times that the artists have just very few opportunities to present their art practice to the public.

So, I have decided to create a group dedicated to Contemporary Art in Berlin on Meetup.

Meetup Group, Haze Gallery Berlin, Claudia Vitari
Meetup Group, Haze Gallery Berlin, Claudia Vitari

One of the new members who joined the group was Irina who owns Haze Gallery and runs Purple Haze Magazine committed to art & fashion. Irina was kind to offer me the gallery for an evening or two, so I could host the art talks in her gallery.

Before the Corona hit us in a full swing I managed to organized 3 art talks. The first artist was Claudia Vitari then Maria Marshall and the last one was Ming Lu who I knew from the SomoS Peer2Peer sessions.

Ming Lu, Art Talk, Haze Gallery Berlin
Ming Lu, Art Talk, Haze Gallery Berlin

The number of people in the audience was growing and the last art talk attracted around 20 people.

One of the members from the audience was Renata who runs BBA Gallery in Mitte and yet again I received an invitation for one of the art shows in her art gallery.

Later on that year Renata´s BBA Gallery published its annual open call for their Artist Prize 2020. It was nice to see that Ming submitted her artwork. It was a nice coincidence that Renata remembered her artworks from the talk at Haze Gallery.

The cherry on top of this story is that Ming Lu actually won the Artist Prize 2020 organized by BBA Gallery and now Ming Lu is actually represented by the gallery.

Later on Ming Lu has also established a closer relationship with Haze Gallery and now she is one of the artists represented by the gallery. Haze Gallery is focused on Affordable Art Fairs in Europe and has open calls for artists to submit their artworks..

This is a nice example what might happen if you put yourself out there :)

When in March 2020 were all public places closed for a while due to the pandemic, I did not want to give up on the Art Talks by Artists, because so many artists appreciated the opportunity to talk about their art in front of like minded audience.

So, I have come up with an online version, Online Art Talks by Artists. The first two series I did by myself. I contacted the artists from my database, set up the video call, recorded the call and later on edited it.

Online Art Talks by Artists at Temporary Space Berlin
Online Art Talks by Artists at Temporary Space Berlin

It was not the most time efficient project because I had too many artists happy to take part but I did not have enough time to do the technical side of the Online Art Talks.

Based on my experience I reorganized the Online Art Talks which turned out to be more art podcasts than interviews as I intended at the beginning. Then I have created an infographic with instructions on how to make a podcast and published the open call.

The first selected artist was Robbie Kaye actually explores a position of women within our society. Her art projects were relevant to my field of research, so I wrote a blog post which is leading to her art talk.

Moreover, Robbie got 6 posts on my IG account, 1 carousel post on my FB and 1 post on my LinkedIn profile. This way I can help her to raise awareness about her art practise among people who are interested in art & follow me on social media as well as I gain relevant content for my audience.

Don´t be shy and own your online presence as an artist!

👉 Learn more about strategies on how to make yourself visible

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