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Collaborative art projects

Blog post from the series of Socialising In The Art World

Since early 2019 I have taken part in Peer2Peer sessions in Somos Art House in Berlin. Anyone who is interested in art can bring their art project, do a presentation and then the rest of the group gives feedback.

It is a brilliant idea how the art professionals can help each other out because once you are out of the art school, it is hard to find constructive and critical feedback.

Moreover, it is a great opportunity to meet the artists and gain more info about their upcoming projects.

P2P Session, photo courtesy of SomoS, artists Jan Verbruggen, Black Jaguar, Iria do Castelo
P2P Session, photo courtesy of SomoS, artists Jan Verbruggen, Black Jaguar, Iria do Castelo

In summer 2019 I took part in a collaborative project in Italy which resulted in a group show Anecdotes On Origin presented in A Plus A Gallery at Venice.

The art exhibition was organised by 19 art professionals from 15 countries. This project gave me the opportunity to collaborate with people from India, Iran, Malaysia, USA, Portugal and Swiss just to name a few.

The aim of the exhibition was to cast a doubtful eye on a question of origin as it seems to be more important where you are from than who you are as a person.

Besides the exhibition, taking part in the collaborative project created a pool of professionally diverse individuals willing to cooperate on our own projects in the future. Plus I gained invaluable insights into the issues of Contemporary Art on a truly global scale.

Invitation for art show Anecdotes On Origin at AplusA Gallery, Venice
Invitation for art show Anecdotes On Origin at AplusA Gallery, Venice

In February 2020 I invited Suzanne Levesque, who responded to my open call in November 2019, to take part in another collaborative project I was working on called Opse Project by Miltos Despoudis.

The purpose of the project was to give space to individual artists to introduce their art practice.

The art talks took place in front of a live audience, they were recorded and edited. Later on, the edited recordings were given to the artists at their disposal.

Suzanne Levesque, Opse Project, 2020
Suzanne Levesque, Opse Project, 2020

Taking part in the projects of others is an excellent way how you can expand your own network of relevant contacts such as artists and other art professionals.

This way you will broaden your horizons and later on you might conduct interviews with some of the artists like I did for my first interview published in Blue Bee Gallery Magazine.

More info about writing for Blue Bee Gallery Magazine in the post Meet The Artist.

So, writing articles or conducting interviews with artists & art professionals from the art industry is another great way to get involved in the local art scene.

These are just a few examples of how I have started to build a solid base of my relevant network, which is needed if you want to start fundraising for your own art projects and campaigns.

The point I am trying to make is that before you start any fundraising you have to have a social potential to address enough people who might help you to achieve your goal.

It makes no difference if you are an artist who already has a few public commissions under your belt or non-profit organization that tries to raise money for a kids' art project in a local community. The principle is still the same.

You have to collect and nurture people who collaborated with you in the past or were interested in your projects & activities. The best way to do it, is to get the world to know about your existence and keep in touch by sending a newsletter once in while or via social media.

Feel free to follow me on IG @hykovaveronika or @temporaryspaceberlin or sign up for my Meetup group in you are based in Berlin

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