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What does marketing do for an artist?
- it helps you to raise awareness about your artwork

Why do the artists need to market their artwork?
- to gain a steady independent income from their labour

How do the artists promote their sales?
- by organizing art events such as open art studios visits, by participating in other's people events and art shows, having their artworks accessible via 3rd party websites selling art online & regular posting on social media of your choice 


What is the loyalty program?
- by simply being a member you earn points and after 3 months you gain enough points for online 30 minutes long consultation reviewing your marketing achievements
- every 3 months we can together check up on your progress in marketing
- the loyalty program is available only for subscribers

Most artists don´t know how to spread the word about their artwork.

Art collectors find it difficult to encounter artists suitable for their collections.

That's why I have compiled my website to give artists like you a leg up by providing you with resources on how to do marketing as an artist.

Founder's note

Veronika Hykova by Kristi Giambattista .jpg

As a consequence, I have gained access to curated portfolios of countless artists that I am happy to share.

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