Search Engine Optimization For Artists

By Experts In The Art Scene

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- Introduction of who I am

- Goals of the crash course

- SEO & needed terminology

- Ranking on SERP

- Relevant Keywords

- Free Keywords search tools

- More useful terminology

- Paid Keywords search tool

- Organic traffic

Warm Welcome to all artists & art professionals who decided to improve their website on professional level,

This crash course was designed as an immediate help for those who feel overwhelmed or lost in SEO Marketing.  It is a very broad area and in order to keep my help efficient I have focused my attention on only one segment, Keyword search.

At first you will try free tools but soon or later you will find out that you have to use paid tools, even if it is just for a short while. In order to get most of the paid tool, it is crucial to have at least basic knowledge of SEO related terminology.

The crash course is laying a groundwork to gain more relevant traffic to your website in the future because SEO Marketing is a long term goal.

SEO For Artists


Crash Course only for 235 EUR

" Veronika was an immense help in opening our eyes to the world of SEO marketing.


She dived into several aspects of our business marketing, from our website to our newsletter campaigns, and evaluated (and reported) what we were doing incorrectly and how we can improve and integrate new strategies into our existing practices.


Her help has been invaluable and she was a pleasure to work with. She's very professional and always follows through on the task at hand. I would highly recommend her for SEO Marketing" by Monica Salazar, publihser & producer at Berlin Art Link Magazine

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