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A fund raising campaign on Indiegogo

Donations welcomed


Roughly about a year ago, I launched an art platform Temporary Space Berlin and I posted an open call for all artists regardless of their medium to join my database of artists free of charge. I had a massive response. I made my selection of artists and in April - May 2020 I ran a series of artist talks which can be still found here. In September I am starting the second series of artist talks.


The aim of this campaign is to raise funds for organizing an art exhibition that fits my research and uses the artists from the database.


The exhibition is called Beyond The Roots Of Our Origin and is loosely based on a collaborative project that I took part in last summer in Venice called Anecdotes on Origin.


Beyond The Roots Of Our Origin takes place in Aquabit Art Gallery in Berlin. My selection of artists expands on the idea of our origin. It shows artists who search for the origin of the cosmos or lost objects of the past in order to challenge the authenticity and validity of the past.


Background for the exhibition: The exhibition is based on readings of Michael Foucault, The Unities of Discourse where he speaks about tradition as a tool allowing us to pursue the endless search for an origin. Foucault insists on leaving this tool behind and urges us to open our minds for a new fresh experience, being free of the old tradition. Keeping in mind Foucault ́s reading and staying true to my original idea of expanding the database of artists, so I have  3 artists Linda Havenstein, Eugenia So, and Pavla Scerankova even though Pavla Scerankova was not part of the database.


The selection of artists:

Linda Havenstein, Mercury Walk, 2016, is a result of collaboration between Linda and the University of the Rykyus, Okinawa in Japan, where she took residency in 2013. The Mercury Walk is a series of projections consisting of various blends of authentic photographs and footages of objects and entities in the Universe eg. stars, surfaces of planets, moon, etc. The artwork questions what else is in the Universe? Are we alone? How does the living environment of extraterrestrials look like?

Pavla Sceranková, Collision of Galaxy, 2014, is an installation reflecting upon how the Universe started to exist. In Scerankova ́s installation the fragile objects cut in halves rotate in a way making you think of an unavoidable crash but the contrary is the truth. The whole installation is assembled to just create such tension of massive collision but in fact, that is only an illusion and objects never touch.

The third artwork, Womb, 2019, by Eugenia So is a series of manipulated macro photographs of fertile components that create a bridge between the creation of the Universe, humans, and all other life forms. Yet another true beginning of life.


Here you can read how I failed to organize the exhibition.


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