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Art Adventures In Berlin

People to people experience for the artists and art lovers

Local expertise for the travelers passionate about art

art tour

Once this Convid-19 situation calms down and you would like to do something else apart from sitting at home, come over to Berlin for Art Adventure :)

If you are not a local to Berlin but still you want to gain a valuable insight into the local art scene of Berlin feel free to gain inspiration from my personal story.

When I have moved to Berlin nearly three years ago I was determinate to join the local art scene. But the greatest challenges ahead of me were

  • to be the new kid in a town

  • how can I get my foot in a door in a city where I didn´t know anybody in the art field?

My approach was to keep attending all sorts of events such as openings, artists talks, evening discussions, workshops and so on. It took me for ages to gain reasonable amount of contacts. During this period I discovered that

  • the art scene is very diverse in Berlin

  • English is a sufficient language to get by

  • a lot of people come to Berlin just for three or six months


After I finished my extensive research I have started to organize


Believe it or not all those event has become very popular because quite a few people are more than happy just to join the events to have a very informal and friendly chat about their art projects and even some exciting collaboration were formed.

Based on my experience I have questioned myself how can I make it more efficient, so that more people can take a part?


  • to book a couple of dormitories

  • do my usual networking events

  • invite people across the globe to join the events


If you are interested in my approach how to connect with the local art scene then you can

  • take a part in my Art Adventures in Berlin

  • create your own in your home town 

  • network among your peers from the dorms

  • visit each others in your home countries having already a very useful contact for the local art scene​​


26.07 - 31.07.2021

Monday 26.07.2021

day of arrival welcome briefing and drink in a lobby at 7pm

a stroll around the area

Tuesday 27.07.2021

10 am pick up at the hostel

transfer via local public transport to Potsdammer str. and walking art tour in the area 

13 – 14:30 lunch on our own

free afternoon or optional visits of artists studios

18:30 – 20:00 evening event: artists talk

Wednesday 28.07.2021

10 am pick up at the hostel

walking art tour in Kreuzberg (visiting art galleries and art studios)

13 – 14:30 lunch on our own

free afternoon or optional visits of artists studio

17: 30 pick up at the hostel and visit of gallery openings

Thursday 29.07.2021

free morning

13:00 Brunch with Artists in Mitte,

16:00  Touring art galleries in Mitte/Kreuzberg

19: 00 exhibition opening in Kreuzberg-Neukölln in walking distance

Friday 30.07.2021

10 am pick up at the hostel

walking art tour in Mitte (visiting art galleries and art studios)

13 – 14:30 lunch on our own

free afternoon or optional visits of artists studio

20:00 farewell party at artists studios

Saturday 31.07.2021


5 days for 420 EUR incl. accommodation

The cancellation policy will take effect once you submit your reservation.

We will process your cancellation/refund request within one to seven business days. We will NOT acknowledge any verbal / over-the-phone request or voice mail. Verbally speaking with our customer service representatives without filling out a request form will not guarantee that your cancellation has been processed or acknowledged.

Cancellation within:

41 to 28 days before arrival 35% of the total sum

27 to 14 days before arrival 60% of the total sum

13 to 01 days before arrival 70% of the total sum

06 to 01 days before arrival 90% of the total sum

Art Adventure Berlin

420 EUR for 5 Days incl. Accommodation

Thanks for submitting!

If you are not sure about the Adventure in Berlin and you would like to know about my projects have a look at my art blog  or feel free to sign up for my newsletter or contact me directly via contact form.


However, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic the rules of cancellation policy has been temporarily changed. To ensure that the travellers have confidence in planning their trip without worrying whether they will be able to recovered their cost or not. The travellers will be able to cancel their trip with  48 hours  notice for a refund of the price paid irrespective of the initial cancellation policy that is applicable. In such cancellations the guest is expected to bear only the non refundable cost for his/her part of accommodation in case the accommodation does not agree with the refund.

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