Do you want to take a part in alternative tour in Berlin, meet the local artists and explore fantastic off beaten track art exhibitions in Berlin?

If you are new to Berlin or just staying for couple of days and you want to have an authentic experience feel free join my Art Tour in Kreuzberg on Saturday afternoon. Together we will visit various commercial galleries, art house and artists studios. The tour takes just two hours and gives a peek into the art scene of Berlin.


Each of the chosen galleries has an unique atmosphere and is located in hidden places off the beaten track in semi private locations.


  • two of the galleries are fully commercial galleries focused on profit making activities

  • the third one is more friends friendly gallery

  • plus visit of artists studios


Nevertheless all three galleries allow us to gain a valuable insight in how the professional art world functions. The art house offers studio visits of particular artists in residency, so, we will have a rare opportunity to see the artists while they work and interact with them.

Countless artists come over here hopping to make breakthrough and I will show you how does the contemporary art scene actually looks like from a close range.

Usually you could book a tour via Airbnb Experience - but for now the tours are on hold because of the summer break that most galleries take over the summer.

However, you might be still interested in keeping an eye on the Berlin art scene of Contemporary Art, feel free to sign up for my newsletter.