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The first edition online art talks by Antonia Gonzalez Alarcon, Clemence b.t.d. Barret, Kseniya Apresyan and Francesca Fini.

To see the past session you have to sigh up via your gmail only. Sadly, you cannot use any other account such as icloud or similar. For some reason Wix allows only gmail accounts. Click on the video and follow the instruction.

The second edition online art talks by Myriam Thyes, Pei Chi Wu, Vanja Novakovic and Manami Uetake.

The last fourth artist of the second edition in Manami Uetake who is an artist from Japan and uses photography and video as a tool to investigate our choices of belief. The Online Artist Talk takes place as usual  on Thursday at 18:30 of Berlin´s time.

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The third artist of the second series is Vanja Novakovic from Sebria who explores issues of gender stereotypes, pop culture and position of Contemporary Art today. The Online Artist Talk takes place as usual  on Thursday at 18:30 of Berlin´s time.

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The second artist of the second edition is Pei Chi Wu who is a London based artist challenging topics of identity, female stereotypes via sharing her personal stories. Pei´s artwork takes on a form of durational performances, installations and photography. The Online Artist Talk takes place on Thursday at 18:30 of Berlin´s time.

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We are starting with the second edition of the Online Artist Talks on Thursdays 18:30 of Berlin´s time. The first artist of the second edition is Myriam Thyes who works in New Media such as animation, digital photo montage and installations. The artist draws inspiration from the artworks of Sophie Tauber and is influenced by modernism eg. surrealism or constructivism. In some of her artwork Myriam explores the origins of life in theological sense and blends it with modern evolution via 3D animation. Myriam has also focused her attention on today's obsession with smartphones and social media. We keep falling into a dark deep void of social media and sometimes it looks like that we are not able to create meaningful face to face relationships anymore but instead we are being consumed by the empty darkness emanating from smartphones.

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Our fourth artist is Antonia González Alacrón who is a Chilean visual artist exploring the relation between memory and empathy through visual resource. Her research is based on conversation with selected people, mapping the individual surroundings keeping a concept of collective memory in her mind. The narratives are transformed into textile based work of art eg. embroidery and audience can interacted with them by touching.

The third artist is young Russian photographer Kseniya Apresyan who investigates what lies beyond the apparent image. Through her lenses Kseniya explores the multiplied layers of individual characters in Berlin. Kseniya will talk about two of her most recent projects.

The second online artist´s talk is by Clemence b.t.d. Barret who is a visual artist who is focused on topics of migration, identity and freedom. The artist draws upon her personal experience as migrant in various countries in India, Thailand, Morocco other countries challenges the European centrical views on migration, identity and freedom

The first online artist´s talk is held by Italian medium artist Francesca Fini. The artist usually accommodates some sort of device which works against her and together they create meaningful experience for the viewers as well the artist.

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In case that you artist yourself and you would like to do online session as artists´ talk feel free to sign up  to expand my database of artists. See the link below.


There is no restriction on medium, age, location or pretty much anything.

Back in November 2019 I published Open call for artists to sign up for database of artists. Due to the truly astonishing response from you, guys, I was able to organize artists´ talks at Haze Gallery. in Berlin. Several artists hold their artist talk in front of live audience an we all together managed tto create very supportive and friendly atmosphere. The situation has changed but nevertheless we keep going in a form of online session where individual artists can introduce their body of work.  

​​The last artist was supposed to be Anna Nezhnaya. Anna is a young Russian painter based in Berlin who reflects upon female position within environment influenced by religion in the 21st Century. Through her painting Anna explores subconscious, penetrates sacred spaces and questions images of suppression, control, abandonment and depreciation. Unfortunately, her talk was cancelled but  Ihope that we will see her presentation online soon.


Our third artist is Ming Lu who is originally from China. Ming  studied Royal College of Art and recently has moved to Berlin to explore rich cultural life of our beloved city. Her recent works play on the tension between contemporary art and traditional Chinese craftsmanship. Humorously employing symbols and figures from myths, legends, prehistorical culture, and from her own biography alike, Ming’s works reflect her cultural identity, which combines enduring attachments to China, the country of her birth and to Europe, where she studied art.


​Our second artist is Maria Marshall who is a well established artist with Persian cultural heritage whose artwork can be found in many well know collections eg. Louise Vuitton. Her artworks deals with many subjects but mainly with brutal violence hidden within our nature and society.  


​​​Our first artist is Claudia Virginia Vitari. Claudia is Berlin based Italian artist who works a lot with glass and does amazing kinetic installations. Claudia is a storyteller who was trained as a painter and now she transfers her portraits of people with very moving stories onto a glass because the glass is fragile material like human lives. Once destroyed it cannot be amended regardless of our effort.

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