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​Apart from the art talks by artists, another great way how to expand your network is to write art reviews & articles about art. At the beginning of 2020 I replied to an open call published by an online Blue Bee Gallery Magazine.
The magazine does not only bring views from different people in the art industry about their experiences in the art world but also it gives a space for rising artists across the media who have different artistic approaches and expressions.

Image by hannah grace

The magazine published my interview with Berlin-based artist Fabrizio Poltronieri. In a volume Daffodil Fabrizio talked about his experience of being represented by a gallery. Plus  Fabrizio shared a very interesting insight into the life of emerging artists.

Let me just mention one insight that we have in common. Many raising artists do not realize that after finishing college, they have to invest another large sum of money into building a solid portfolio.

It is very unlikely that the artist right after college would end up in a gallery that would pay for his or her shows. Therefore the emerging artists have to put the money into their shows on their own.

Fabrizio Poltronieri

In the volume Hyacinth, the interview was conducted with Anna Franek who runs Gallery Anna25 in Berlin. Anna has opened her gallery 7  years ago and she is also focused on artists who strive away from the mainstream market.
From Anna´s point of view function of an art gallery is to represent and support artists and be a part of the shifts in the art market. In the interview Anna talks about her base of collectors.

Anna Franek

 An important part of a job as an art curator is to write articles or reviews about shows they have visited, artists they have met or artworks they have encountered. It is an excellent opportunity to gain an insight in how the curator thinks.

Paulus_Fugers_portrait_All Art Is Cry For Help

The third interview in the volume Amaryllis was with Paulus  Fugers who runs SomoS Art House in Berlin, which is an art organization specialized in artist residencies in Berlin. SomoS has been providing artists residencies for the last 8 years in Berlin. Paulus shared his insights into the Berlin art scene.


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