Veronika Hykova

Veronika Hykova (b.CZE, Berlin, DE) is a curator who is influenced by the readings of Walter Benjamin and Michael Foucault. In her curatorial practice she questions the past and present in order to challenge the true image of history especially with focus on identity.

Veronika in Venice

Drawing inspiration from two readings of Walter Benjamin and Michael Foucault my curatorial practice questions the past and present in order to challenge the true image of history. The first reading about Benjamin´s idea of authenticity of the artwork giving the unique existence of the artwork in a time and space is actually contrary to his second thought about the reproduction of the artwork. Benjamin sees reproduction as liberation and reactivation artwork again.


The other influential reading was from Michael Foucault, The Unities of Discourse. He speaks about tradition as a tool allowing us to pursue the endless search for origin. Foucault insists on leaving this tool behind and urges us to open our mind for a new fresh experience being free of the old tradition. Based on this my research deals with artists who explore archaeology, lost objects of the past objects and representation of the past and origins, and identity in order to challenge the authenticity and validity of the past.

My selection of artists is focused on challenging works of art that truly ask uncomfortable questions regarding our identity, society, past, and present.

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Currently, I am dedicating my time writing my art blog, art podcasts and educating fellow art professionals in marketing.